Senin, 20 Juli 2015

Brown Cape

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Cape: Geulis
unbranded: tank top and belt
Harem pants: Monaco
Bag: Zara
Leaf Ring: (x) S.M.L
Boots: BloopEndorse
Photographer: Fransisca Angela

Hello guys! how's your life??
as i promise in the last post.
this is what i wore when went to Brightspot Market.
and for now this is the best outfit that i really like. i really love this cape. how come Geulis has a very cute and very unique design for this cape. falling in love from the first time i saw this cape.
this cape remember me about my favorite child movie and Comic. Conan(Child story about detective). do you know about that Conan? have you ever read or watch Conan?hehehe.
but i don't wanna discuss about Conan, i wanna share to all of you about Geulis.
this is one of the best Local Designer that i really love.
Geulis has successfully brought such a magnificent changes for fashion industry along with the mixing of both traditional and modern looks.
Geulis are offering you their version of ready-to-wear collection, combining traditional materials with modern fabrics and prints. Just remember that Geulis are here simply to create a modern look for almost every one.
i'm really sure that all of you will love their collection. just cek their collection in Geulis's Facebook.
see you in the next post.

p.s.: if you never known about Conan. i think you should find out about it. it's really good story.

Kamis, 12 September 2013

MADAKARIPURA WATERFALL (my first blog after a while)


Hi There. It's really so nice and great that i can have my time to sit down in front of my Mac and write something on my blog. And also nice to be back and say Hi to every one of you (who read my blog).

In this posting i will not show you about my outfit but i like to show about my last trip with my best.
This is all i need. Enjoy the scenery and fresh air.
Walk away from my daily life, away from traffic, uni live, same routines, and many things on my mind.
Finally i can enjoy my life.
I choose this for my first post after a long time of absent.
In this picture that i took, i like to show you how fresh i am!
far away from the crowded town.

I really love this place, one the best waterfall that i ever seen.
we walk through the forest and river to reach this place. Tired but very worth it.
it not just like a water falling down from the height in one place like you ever seen before but this time you are surrounded by the green leaf and next the waterfall fall down. so beautiful!
See the green view and the waterfall together.
how i love this place! i think all of you will have the same feeling when you are there.

NB: sometimes i just want to run from my reality. if i could, i hope. start it again from the beginning. (this is my feeling know and what i'm thinking about when i wrote this post, just wanna say that)

See you guys in the next post :)