Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

Dinner At Dermaga Seafood restoran (ancol)

2 days ago 3 of My Friend, Angga Novi and Veronica treated Us in Dermaga Seafood Restaurant at Ancol.

I Wore:
Jacket jeans: unbranded
Loose Top: Nikicio
Pixelize Paper Camera Necklace: Sillimilly
Plimsole Shoes: Mitchy belle
Bag: unbrended (mangga dua)

Here they are Novi Angga and Veronica

Prayer before meals. haha

Let's eat.

We called Sod'g. hahahaha

With Angelina , she wore Laces Blazer

Before went to Home, get on the stage and Sang Hapie bdae Song. haha
Many people in the Restaurant looked at Us.
Didn't feel shy anymore, it's really Fun.

Special Thanks to Novi, Angga, and Veronica!

I still have a story. exactly is a tragedy!
Do you know Mosquito?
Yes of course all of us know about that animal. but do you know about Kebon Mosquito or in Indonesia we called 'nyamuk kebon'. it's very horrible.
It stung our legs. when at Dermaga we just kidding "owh this mosquito stung very sharp, Damn it" all off as just said that and some of us used Soffel. and I didn't.
Do you know what happend in the morning??
That are many small bumps appear in my legs. Its very itchh. and the small bump sometimes appear and sometimes disappear. and when it appear it totally very ITCHH! untiL today my legs still like that. Not just me, my other friend like me too.

Can you see? HORIBLE!
if you know what drugs can be used to treat this disease. please tell me.

Hopefully tomorrow can be better.

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