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Welcome Back.

hahaha. Welcome back for all the people.
sorry for late to update. Miss this blog so much. many story i want to tell all of you.

I think I will start my story from my Vacation.
I know that story i want to tell you is a old story but this story is my sweet memories with my friends. hope you like it.

I start my Vacation At 28 January 2009.
Where did i Go and spent my holiday? What a sweet memories i did with my friends??
Letss Seee!!

The First Day Trip

Before leaving my mother gave blessing kiss.
and from my house until Airpot my mother sang Anang's song which title is Separuh Jiwaku Pergi. Hahaha. Crazy hah??

@Bandara Soekarno Hatta
With Angelina, Veronica, Monica&Fam, Nerissa&Fam, and Amelia I would spend my holiday

Now everyone can Fly
Welcome To Bali Island

after arrived we ate @Laota
best porridge i've ever eaten

After ate went to @homestay
rest for a moment and ready to travel the next day

Second Day Trip

Started the day with ate Babi Guling
one typical food of Bali

Today's schedule:

1. GWK
(Garuda Wisnu Kencana)

(pahatan Kura2 berhidung babi dari tebing)



in Uluwatu We must used Selendang for covered legs because there was a holy place and many monkey over there in order to monkey don't claw your legs.

Cuteeee hahh??

But in other placa it was a pompous monkey.
I just wanted to give peanut to that maonkey. but the monkey 'REJECTED' my peanut. arghhh. pity me.

Very Beautiful view from Uluwatu.
Like this View.

3. Dreamland beach

like my blog's name but Dreamland i mean in this story is a beach.

With Janice(nerissa's sister)

Just took picture with the rainbow on the sky.

Day 2 Finished

The Third Day Trip

1. Rafting in Telaga Wajah

old stairs to get to the river
and lets play!!

gif maker
Gif maker
See! my Stupid Friends Angelina. Slip from the stone. haha

gif maker
Gif maker

Finally we finished.
Had to stairs to took a bath and ate.
after that I took some picture with rural landscape.

went to homestay and take a rest for a moment. and continue the trip.

2. Seminyak for dinner @Rumours

I and Angelina ordered Spaghetti Lobster and Wagyu
The taste can't say by the words. 2 thumps up.
after dinner my friends and I stoped in Legian and walk along the str eet to shopping until kuta. good experience. Tired but Fun.
because tired we decided to stopped in cafe and ordered drinks to made us became fresh again.

Fourth Day Trip

1. Pasar Sukowati
The popular market in Bali. many typical things of Bali can you get over there with very chip price. but it must first offer. all of us bought this bag.

i don't took any picture. sorry.

2.Kuta Beach.
for nail polish and tattoos

Do you know what day was that day??
31 December 2009
one day before new year so we prepare ourself to new year.
after walk along the kuta street which very crowded.
we went to Hard Rock for spent for spent the night.

it's gonna to late to say that. hahaha.

Fifth Day Trip

Still Sleep after New Year party last Night.

In fifth day trip we just went to Tanjung Benoa.
the place where you can play all water sport.

i just went Diving because i already play all the water sport game.
this not the first time i came to Bali. the 6months before i had already went to bali too with my family.

cool mann. haha
Moe's father borrowed my hat and used it.

Sixth Day Trip

that was my Last day before went home tommorow. so we went to Joger.

sacrifices needed for shopping there.
full of the people

after Shopped we wanted to Swam
. i was very excited to swam
. the Spiral very cool. couldn't wait.

. already CLOSED!
because over limit.
how small swimming pool it is or how many people they are.
i was very sorry and disappointed. i had waited for the day when i can swam at waterbom with my friend and play all the spiral there. huuuhhh.
byee Waterbom

so we backed to the Homestay and took a rest after that went to Kute for shopping and forget about Waterbom

I and my friend interested with 1 shop
'Oriental Season'.

dress Tie Dye

feel exhusted and tired after shopping and walk along kuta's street .
Flapjacks is the solution for it!

Delicious Ice Cream!

Ithink my holiday was not complete if i don't try SPA. I often when to bali but i had never tried to SPA. So my friends and I went to SPA to make our body relax after Trip for 6 days. good decision.

For The Last dinner @Bali I ate Nasi Pedes.
one kind of Bali food that you must to try!
what interesting from this food??
this food can make your tongue dances. haha. and make your lips become sexy.

Finished day 6..

Tha Tha Bali

Finally. my holiday was end. today my friends and I backed to Jakarta.
Sweet Memories in Bali. gonna miss this Holiday so much. haha.

Welcome back Jakarta


ok my holiday story is finished.
hope I can go Vacation with my friends again. with all my friends. not just only girls.

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