Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Knitted Sweater

This post i like to share my knitted sweater. i love the calm pink color of my sweater. it's so lovely for me. what do you think??

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Knitted Sweater-Topshop
Short Tulip-Coloriot
Black Bow Ring-Imi Onee
Flat Shoes-Fladeo
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Finally today is the last day i study for my exam(although today i still study for my last exam tomorrow. Too lazy to study) and tomorrow i will free. Yes! free without remembering all the words in the book and also free from the freaking week full of exam. hahhaa

Now i am just waiting for next Wednesday. Very excited. my friend Fransisca Angela whom you know as my photographer got 2 invitations for Nikicio Fashion Show that held on next Wednesday, 15 Dec '10. How lucky she is! and also me:D
As you know Nina Karina Nikicio who used her last name Nikicio for her brand, is a good designer from Indonesia and she is very talented people. Her designs are simple, basic and be able to used all ways and every seasons. very comfortable. The invitation not for public just the person who chosen by Nikicio. Yes! so lucky me that Fransisca Angela can get it!

I also want to tell you about my casting. hahhaa. a simple casting which held yesterday.
I joined a simple casting from Khong Guan(food brand) to promotion their new product.
i joined it because my uncle is the producer for the advertising.
So i just want to try and fad. Who knows I'm the lucky one? hahahha. just try my luck (if i have).

The last. Promotion.
My creative friends Michelle Febriana and Fransisca Angela want to make something for this Christmas. What do you think about Christmas card? It is too simple right? How about a Christmas card with Cookies? Mmmmmm. The sounds good! hahahha.
So wait for it! ASAP!

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  1. ta, where was it? I think I know it,haha. but I don't know it's true or false.haha

  2. ta nikicio alumni lasalle sgpore! hahahaha

  3. cieee samping smanan fotonya. uhuuuy uhuuuy! wkwkwk. anjrit aming kok bisa dpt itu undangan nikicio?! asyik banget!