Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Nearly the Christmas Day

hello. its almost the day when Jesus Christ was born. Christmas!
have you already made a Christmas tree? how about the Christmas decoration in your house? waiting for Santa? hahahha.
And i think Christmas is not sweet and not complete without cookies. do you agree?
So. this is the conclusion. want something sweet?

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not only cookies but also cupcake to make your Christmas become sweet:D
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She is done! she made all of it. how sweet the cookies is.
by the way. this cookies is on sale. if you want to buy this you can leave a comment.
affordable price:D

as i already told you that Fransisca Angela got 2 invitation to watch nikicio fashion show for Wednesday Dec 15. So i will go to watch nikicio Fashion show today. ooooo. very excited! and more excited after i know that all nikicio models will use Dr. Martens for their shoes. yes! i will give you the review of the show later

and for those who missed the blogger yard sale part 1 & 2. you still have a chance to attend the blogger yard sale part 3. don't miss this upcoming event, they sell a lot of good stuffs especially if you come on time.

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