Jumat, 04 November 2011

White Ribbon

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ribbon shirt: atom market
beige atria pants: cotton ink
bag: my mom old bags (aigner)
shoes: mondo
Photographer: Fransisca Angela

hallo. hi. heiho. hello. etc. what should i say first? hahaha
it's been a long time i left my blog. know i back and stuck with it.
really really confuse confuse to start.
it's already 2 months i leave this blog. time goes so fast more faster or the most fastest.
not so many changes in my life. through the day with same routine. wake campus eat go home gym and sleep. hahahhaa. flat. nothing interesting and i today i decided to back to my blog and blogger world. really miss to see what happen out there by through blog to blog and see the new things out there that i can see by this blog. miss everything about blogging. hahahha.
so how's your life guys??

to begin my post i like to post my outfit in vintage. i show you 2 pict that taken by Fransisca Angela with her analog. Analog also becomes my new stuff. it's really nice stuff and really fun to use it. i got it from my birthday present. so i will show you mine as soon as possible.
btw, how do you think abou my outft??

fransisca always successes to make me want to listen to her new favorite song. BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB. see you in the next post:)

8 komentar:

  1. So cute, love the blouse!!! :)

    xo Emma

  2. hello!
    thanks for dropping by my blog :) yeah G12 is so worth buying, i prefer G12 than G11 hehe. and i really adore your ribbon shirt! its so cute. sure, i've followed you :D mind to follow back? thanks!

  3. Beautiful look, I absolutely love the soft neutrals of this look and you styled it amazingly! Stunning :)

    Alexandra xo


  4. Cute, I definitely want a pair of tan trousers for christmas, they look adorable on you!


  5. I adore your blouse, gorgeous, very chic <3

  6. your beige pants is sooooo cute! i like it so much :)