Senin, 26 Desember 2011

10 songs

christmas has past.
now we just wait to the end of this year and welcoming to the new year.
as we know time goes so fast but so many things happened in this fast time.
this year i left my senior life and turn into university life. met new friends and new life there.
i can not say more. this year just as wonderful as last year. unpredictable. everything happen unpredictably. 5 days more to new year. what will happen in next year? no one knows. but i think we will hope the best for everything that will come in next year. believe in God and everything gonna be alright :)
i feel my life getting better from year to year. can not believe that now i can get something that i hope from a long time. but there is something that i still don't get. still so far from what i expected. for now i can only be grateful for what i get.

tomorrow morning i will go for vacation and celebrated new year there. so i will of until new year.
i already prepare for my holiday and one thing i can not left. ITOUCH. haha. it will accompany me along my holiday. i think all of us are same. the best friend in holiday is music right?
so, i have 10 best song to accompany all of you in your holiday. really recommend!
1. Jonathon Boulet--> a community service announcement
2. Coldplay--> Mylo Xyloto
3. Foster the People--> 1 album TORCHES
4. Bombay Bicycle Club--> Shuffle
5. Bombay Bicycle Club--> Lights Out, Words Gone
6. Bombay Bicycle Club--> Always Like This
7. John Mayer--> 1 album HAVIER THINGS
8. Roman Foot Soldiers--> You Make Me Feels Like Summers
9. Valerius--> She doesn't know
10. Vampire Weekend--> Album Vampire Weekend and Contra (never die) HAHA.

i hope that you enjoy my song list. how about you to welcoming the new year and your holiday??
i know it's to early to say that. but it's ok. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU.
enjoy your holiday:) see you in the next year.

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