Rabu, 25 April 2012

Lovely Nine-12 Shirt

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Clutch bag:BagAge

mid term already past. really happy to realize it but just 1 more month i will face my final exam in this semester, so just take a breath for a while before the final exam comes.
just a simple photo shoot again and yes i did it by my self.
wearing my lovely shirt that i bought in the last brightspot market last year. how lovely it is! the unusual   arm, color, and the model. i really like it!
for look simple, i combine this lovely shirt with my short, what do you think?? :)
btw, June+Julia officially web store already OPEN! really happy to see all the beauty shoes comes over! check: June+Julia
a little words from me:
1. try to always tell the truth as you can
2. each issue will find a way out, just trying to get out of your problems for a while and you'll get the answer.
Trust me :) see you in the next post.

5 komentar:

  1. so cute,
    love the shorts!


  2. lovely outfit..so great on you!