Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

such a good week

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unbranded legging&beanie head.
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Hello guys. how's your week? how's your Valentine days? hehhe
Let me say first Happy Valentine to all of you (it's too late as always ;P)
this week i just have a great week! this whole week i can rest for a while, have a Valentine's dinner with my Family, and Lovegarage in Tuesday.
in spite of i don't have boyfriend but i also celebrated Valentine's day with my lovely family. it's great. that was the first time my family having Valentine's dinner together although it just a simple dinner @ Tartine.
Owh. and do you know about Lovegarage?
it's valentine's day event that presented by Ismaya Live and in this event they brought 2 international artist. they are Two Door Cinema Club and Flight Facilities. It's just an awesome Tuesday that i had!
i think i will post about my Valentine day and Lovegarage in the next post. all of the pictures in my friend's camera. i didn't bring it. so let me give you the next post about it. OK?
in the end. Next week, start from tomorrow i will get the Try Out again. please pray for me so i can past that freaking week.
see you in another post.

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