Senin, 14 Maret 2011

White Day

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loose shirt:Riots Barbie Full (Sonia Erica's Online Shop)
Unbranded:white short, belt, and shocks.
Hat: Forever 21
Ankle boots: Mitchibell (ITC senayan)
Photographer by Fransisca Angela

Hello Guys. I'm so sorry for the lack of post as you know that now I'm in the busy day and full day of examination. *sigh
so today i just have time to relax and refreshing for a while because tomorrow i get holiday. one day for prepare my School Examination. it's happy to hear that i get holiday but it's sad to know that the holiday just for prepare the Exam. i just hope can past it well because it's the last examination that i will have in the senior high school.
so let's forget for the examination for a while. hehe

is there any warning about White Day?
exist or not exist i would like to say Happy White Day every one.
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i would like to share what i gave to my family when Valentine day and what my brother and i got from this White Day. hehe. is it cute huh? the first picture i made by myself and gave them to my family and the second picture my mother gave it to my brother and i. hehe. just a small heart but it's mean a lot for me:)

in this post i choose to use white color. match huh? i think i just back to the childhood time with this outfit post. hehe.

Let's act now and not just #prayforjapan. They need more than that. --> by PMI
or through a special account Indonesia-Jepang :

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  1. hey thanks for commenting my blog! i love your bag!!!

  2. hi! thanks so much for visiting me and your sweet comments.. love your all white outfit and your brown suitcase so cute!!

    i'm following you now would love for you to follow me too!

  3. #prayforjapan pretty photos

  4. very cute outfit! love the playground & thanks for the follow :)
    good that you raise more awarness for japan!


  5. great pictures!
    love your bag, gorgeous!