Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Brightspot Market 2 Anniversary

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(this first and second picture taken by Fransisca Angela)
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hey guys, how's life?
Last Thursday, i got the invitation from Nikicio to attend the opening party of Brightspot Market 2 Anniversary or the first day of Brightspot Market.
For you who don't know about this Market, let me introduce first.
Brightspot Market is a market that fulfill not with vegetables or meat like in usual market but Brightspot Market is a Market which fulfill with a lots of talents of Local designer, a curated market of all things cool.
from kids to adults. from head to toe. from man to women. all in one market.
Brightspot Market held several time per years in different location.
and this time, already the 2 Anniversary of Brightspot Market.
i think this time Brightspot Market include more local designer that just show more their ability in fashion industry which made me adore all their collections.
almost in every store i stuck for a while and just took a long breath. how unique all the collection and how amazing it is! Remembering that i'm not a millionaire to buy everything that i want. haha.
so, for you that know and attend Brightspot Market. what is your favorite local brand and what you get offer there?
if me, i just bought a black blazer from I.K.Y.K and the cool necklace from Monstore
for you who wants to know more about the Local brand in Brightspot Market just check their website www.brightspotmarket.com.
i will post more about my outfit which i worn to Brightspot Market.
see you in the next post :)

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  1. I would love to visit someday. Great photos of the Market, I Love the products on display. Everything looks good.


    Cinderella's Closet NYC

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    LOVE these pics!

    xoxo Uyen

  3. Nice post. I really enjoyed your blog.


  4. Great images of the market, I really love your blog. I now follow you x

  5. amazing photos
    it looks beautiful overthere!

    H&C from Amsterdam

  6. Thanks for your visit and comment. Of course I want to follow eachother. I' m following now, don' t forget to follow back :))


  7. Great shots! Looks like it was such a fun night and cool party :)