Senin, 30 Mei 2011

First Food Therapy--Korean Food

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the best way to eat.
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hello guys! how's your life?
sorry for being a bad blogger. almost 2 weeks i didn't post anything andit's also almost 2 weeks ago i started my holiday.
yes since 2 weeks ago i was not a student anymore and officially become a joblessness.
if you ask me what am i doing in my holiday. the answer is. nothing to do in my holiday.
but I'm always busy with nothing. I'm not sure with what I'm doing. just try to spent and make my day full. haha.
in this post i don't talk about my outfit but this post i talk about one way that i used to spend my holiday. Food Therapy. hahahhaa.
the best way to spend my long long holiday. everybody like to eat right? one of the best thing to do. yes! I'm one big fans of food. this is the reason why i can't become a Megan Fox. hehe.
Korean Food is the best way to start my therapy. not mine but our.
We got dinner in one of the best Korean Restaurant in my country and this is the first time i ate Korean Food and i really recommended it! wohoo.
became a monster and ate a lot. i didn't remember how many plate of meat that we ordered but it was really delicious. not because it was the first time i ate Korean Food but it was really so yummy. can't said more about it. it just was really delicious.
have you ever try Korean Food? Try it! Re-commanded!!

btw. sorry there is not outfit post but i promise i will be back with my outfit post ASAP and other Food Therapy!
see you in the next post:)

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  1. the food is delicious!

  2. the food look delicious :)
    it make me starving <3
    nice blog ,
    now i'm your follower ,
    visit mine ? follow back ?
    thank you <3


  3. Nice shots! And wow I love Korean foods!!! Ad Korean desserts so much!! Looks like you've eaten a lot! I can finish a plate of chicken in one sitting, its so delicious! :)

  4. hei agata! thank you for the bday wishes. sorry for the late reply
    anyway chung gi wa food is nice! and those are lovely photos!
    enjoy your holiday okk
    anyway have just followed your blog


  5. yum ! everything looks soooo goood there !
    nooo i didnt eat salmon in monaco.. i mostly ate chicken or beef with

    www.glisters and

  6. totally love this post
    even if you just make me hungry now ahahahah
    hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same

    Syriously in Fashion