Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Support and Proud

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hi guys. how's your life? back to blog :)
little talk about fashion event that i attended about one week ago. another fashion event which fulfill with our local designer with their ability which come and fill the ranks of another local designer. such as Fanfire, Enig, Bretzel, Capital T, Abbema Lombardi, Manjze, etc.
Next Level is an exhibition of 'lifestyle' "which will be held once a year in Indonesia.The concept of this event is the lifestyle of young people in Indonesia, especially in the capital by using the product or the work of Indonesian young people themselves.With the concept “from us to us” this event combines some elements of a lifestyle,fashion is the main part of their exhibition , they also put elements of music and appreciation, all of the brands and the music in this event are the works of Indonesian youth.
more and more new and fresh designer come. really proud of them. i think we should respect and give a support to them. if not us, who else? we should to be proud and trying to love our local product. not just designer but also band.
this is what i got from Fransisca Angela. she showed me this local band which not yet famous like another band, but i think they have a huge potential.
so how about your local products? give me some feedback about your local products :)

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  1. agata! inget gue ga? hehe :D
    love this post btw! totally agree with you.
    we should appreciate our local products more :)


  2. Hi dear, how are you?
    I was rooting around and found your blog.
    Interested me a lot ...!
    What do you think of following each other? Give one last on my blog ..
    If you like, please (:
    Thank you, kisses.


  3. thanks for your lovely comment :)
    wow! such a great photography!
    do you mind to follow each other to keep in touch? let me know if you mind it :)


  4. totally agree with you! local brands are awesome, and our country has the most amazing designers ever :) cool blog, and i just followed you!

  5. I couldn't agree more. If not us,who else? that's right. gonna supporty our locals always bcause they do have great potential <3

  6. So true! I've been loving locak brands and vusit level one regurarly :)